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XDesigner.Writer is a Document Editor like MS Word , Written in 100% C# code , without any the 3th part component , without RTF Text box , MS Word component or others.
Use XDesigner.Writer you can do this
1.Your .NET application has ability to handle Rich format text document . You can read document from .rtf/.xml file and save it to .rtf/.xml/.html. Your .NET application can be WinForm.NET , Consolute , service or ASP.NET .
2.You can print both of document , specify page or a very secify print mode named jump print.
3.You can edit table , include cell with row span , col span ,sub table in a cell. header table row.
4.You can set document format , Include font , suppscript , subscript , color , borders .
5.You can handle page header , page footer just like content.
6.You can add permission to part of conent . User with low permission can not delete/modify cotent which with hight poermission level.One document can mix multi pemision level.
7.You can add 30 kinds barcode in document.
8.You can add field in document , which with specify field value editor.
9.You can add checkec box / radio in document .
10.Others ..............

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